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Free Wii Code Generator Does it works?

So many gamers look online for sites offering wii points code generators, wii points card generators and other free wii points genarator software.

However most people don’t realise that the sites that claim to offer things like free wii points generator, are not real they are mostly scams or software that will damage your computer with viruses and spyware.

They will offer you things like free wii points, wii points generator, 2000 free wii points and wii points cards, but no matter how they put it and how good and legit they try to make it sound 9/10 it never works and will just succeed in causing harm to your computer with viruses & spyware. There are so many sites offering ‘’free wii points generator’’ or ‘’ free wii points’’ but once you have downloaded the software and begin to run it, it will download a virus & spyware that will infect your computer or even worse information loggers that will log all of your personal information like passwords, usernames and credit card numbers and you could have your identity stolen.

It can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money to fix the damage that viruses and key loggers can cause. It’s never worth the risk to use sites that offer free wii points generators, especially when there are ways you can get them for free that are legit. I have bad experiance myself with these sites it can happen to anyone. I wouldn’t trust any site that asks you to download software to get free wii points as you will most likely regret it.


100% Working Wii Points Generator!

I visited a site claiming to offer a free wii points generator thinking it would work everything looked legit so i went ahead and downloaded the software .As soon as i ran the program my computer slowing down, i had pop ups that wouldn’t close and a new virus scan software had appeared on my computer.

I tried to do a virus scan with my own scanner, but the virus software that has downloaded when i downloaded the generator would not let me access my own software. It had taken over and with every program I tried to run the scan would pop up and start scanning my computer and i was unable to stop it. After sometime and trying every other option to stop the scan i went to add/remove programs to remove the software but it wasn’t even in the list of programs to remove, I was left with no other choice but to reset my computer losing a lot of data in the process. I later found that the software was a program that was sweeping my computer for personal details, passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses.

Before you download a wii code generator consider what could happen to your computer and your life if all your personal details were stolen from you. There are however some great, free and legit ways to get free codes or anything else for that matter. This is the best way i have found to get free codes, or anything else you want, including money sent to your Paypal account, Check out this great site, here you will never be asked to download a single thing, that is unless you want to.


How To Get a wii code Generator to work?

Now that you know wii card generators will not work and cause problems, your still probably wondering how to get Wii codes for free, there is a way where you can get free wii points cards and codes without the risk of downloading dangerous software. is a great site were you complete free offers and surveys and play the other members at the games to earn points, and you can reffer new users to the site to earn cash. You can then spend the points on wii points cards, or anything you like from, you can also withdraw the cash your earn to paypal or convert it to points to help towards your prize.

When you join and confirm the email that'sent, Points2Shop will give you 250 points for free (which is worth $2.50, since $1 = 100 points). Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see the confirmation message in your regular inbox folder. Click the link in the email and your account is verified! You can then complete free offers to earn points, or for those of you who are good at online refferals you can make up to a dollar if you reffer a member and they confirm their email.

If you ever get confused or stuck on the website there are many ways to get help, there is a wiki with guides on offers, refferals and just about everything on the site, there are many ‘’how to complete’’ offer videos to walk you through offers, and a forum to discuss any problems you may have that other members will know that answer to. Also there is a shoutbox on the site, this is where many members go to ask questions and get advice from the more expericanced members of the site.

    Here is how you get your free wii points card
  • Create an account by clicking HERE
  • Earn Points by filling out surveys, completing offers, reffering others, winning contest and playing games
  • Order your Free Wii Points Codes